Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Awesome Discovery!!

So, I rarely blog because honestly I feel like my life is pretty boring right now! Everybody is blogging about their kids and such! No babies for me! Admittedly, I have become rather obbsessed with my dog! Seriously, I have become one of those unmarried pushing 30 woman who has a dog that is treated better than some people's kids! With that said, I recently made a wonderful discovery! Starkville has a dog park! That's right people! A park that caters to puppies! I found this out from my friend Katie who is equally obsessed with her dog! For you Starkville Natives, it is at Moncrief Park where we played Softball as kids. If you don't know where that is, it is on N Jackson St! The dog park is at the back behind the pool! They have two pens, so you can choose which you put your dog in. The dogs just run and play together! There are benches and picnic tables so the owners just sit and study or chat! If you have a dog, I strongly reccommend you check it out! Your dog will have a blast and admit it, you could use some fresh air and sunshine yourself! They even have a water fountain for the pups! Goosey had a swell time, and we will definately make another visit soon! He is looking for a lady friend!

Here is he chasing the ladies!
It looks like recess at an elementary school!

Goosey made a friend!

A water fountain for dogs! What a scream!


Dwell in possibility said...

Keep blogging about your dog! I love it. No need to apologize!


The Nichols Family said...

Thanks for the comment. Don't feel bad about enjoying the simple life with your adorable dog! I miss those days, and so does Millie! Let me know if you get up to Memphis anytime.

LT (and Max) said...

hey joy!
i use to make my headers. most of what the site has to offer is free! i will be happy to make you a header if you'd like, or you can just play around with it yourself!
if you decide you want me to help, email me at, include picture(s) you want on your header, colors you like, and what you want it to say.