Friday, August 15, 2008

The Beach

Well, we went to the beach last week. Me, Roger and Zeus. It was fantastic! Getting away for a few days and just relaxing was really good for me. Things have been and are so hectic the past year, I really enjoyed just sitting without a to do list. Zeus had an absolute blast chasing the waves and sand fleas. During the day he had to stay on his leash because he got so excited around all the new people. Believe it or not, not everybody loves my dog as much as me...ha ha. We took him out at night and let him run crazy and it was hilarious!! Roger cooked lots of good food of course! One of the night a couple friend of his and their son came and ate with us, which was nice. We went out on their boat the next day for a few hours and than had lunch before they left. I really enjoyed meeting them.

I have been keeping mackenzie this week while Mary Esther has been in DC. It has been quite an adventure having a two year old added to my already zoo like house. It's difficult to keep things spotless since the realtors can call at any moment. It has been slightly stressful at times, but I have enjoyed it. Ha ha, it does give me even more respect for Mary Esther, and affirms the ideas that I don't think i want 24 hour 7 day kids!!

I am toying with the idea of grad school so that I can be an elementary ed teacher. Which, with a Master's degree, I could teach for a while and later possibly pursue an administrative position such as a principal position. I have not really decided just yet, but have gotten some materials to sift through.

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